Our Products

PFP provides Siglytics analytics platform in various forms,

Siglytics(tm) Analytics Platform

The SigLytics analytics platform can be deployed in cloud, on-premises, notebook and embedded. 

Data collected can also be shared with remote sites for remote diagnostics over the air.

p3scan-sever based

The SigLytics P3Scan is designed for enterprise deployment on servers, containerized.

P3Scan can support many devices simultaneously.  It has an extensive tool for baseline creation.

p2scan- pc based

P2Scan is SigLytics for portable applications – data collection, baseline and assessment.  It could operate without connectivity.

Users could implement custom user interface using NI LabVIEW, python, etc.

P2SCAN runtime- PC Based

For applications only need data collection and assessment, without the needs to create new baseline.

P2Runtime requires a P3Scan license, one P3Scan can support many P2Runtime.

p1scan- firmware for embedded

SigLytics can use many on-the-shelf devices for data collection and distributed assessment.  

P1Scan is firmware supports linux, has been proven for BladeRF, Ettus and NooElec SDR, NXP dual ARM core SoC.


Solution kits are available based on prior deployments.  New custom solutions could be implemented by PFP or users.

chip authentication

SigLytics is 100% accurate, without the need of proprietary equipment, to detect aged, counterfeit and tampered microelectronics chips.  Examples include analog amplifiers, power regulators, digital logic IC, memory, FPGA, etc.

circuit board authentication

SigLytics can detect hardware and firmware changes in printed circuit board assemblies, such as different IC, layout, etc.

Examples include gateway boards with different memory chips, boards with different RF specifications, etc.


By monitoring side-channel signals, without the need to communicate with the vehicle electronics, SigLytics detects changes in hardware, firmware and configurations.

industrial control

SigLytics detects changes in level 0 and level 1 endpoints such as sensors, PLC, also analog signals, etc.

Examples include Stuxnet attacks on Siemens PLC, etc.

computer servers

Servers are complicated with multiple CPU, memory, firmware, etc.  SigLytics is proven, during manufacturing and operation, in detecting changes in BMC, BIOS and many more.


PFP provides training and technical support.  Additional services include baseline collection, data analysis and reporting, custom Graphic User Interface (GUI), custom workflow, fixturing,  etc.

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