Heading Off the Inevitable Hack Attack

PFP aims to offer a security platform for IoT devices, using cloud-based software and services, or for on-premises software, with its RF scanning technology to detect and remediate malware…Read More

Taiwan Wakes Up to the Need for Stricter Cybersecurity

Steven Chen, CEO and co-founder of Silicon Valley’s PFP Cybersecurity, which also operates in Taiwan, notes that the Taiwan cybersecurity market remains focused on big-name players and offers little room for startups.

Cybercrime Poses a Mounting Problem in Taiwan

“Security is decided by the least secured links, which are everywhere,” says Steven Chen, CEO and co-founder of PFP Cybersecurity startup in Silicon Valley which has entered the Taiwan market. Read More

Securiosity: How to look for hardware hacks

Greg and Jen continue to discuss the big Bloomberg story that’s causing so much grief. In our interview, we talk to PFP founder Stephen Chen on how helps companies uncover hacks like the plausible one discussed in th犀利士 e Bloomberg story. Listen to